We are always on the lookout for new staff who are interested in working with the Spirit Premium.

At the Spirit Premium we strive to maintain our great reputation in a culture of achievement, motivation, reliability,positivity, integrity, collaboration, trust and responsibility. We look for people who are enthusiastic about working in a great team, we look for people who strive for excellence in customer service and delivery and people who are passionate about high standards in all aspects of our business.

We seek mainly to recruit against roles advertised however if you are already a qualified Technician, progressing through your apprenticeship and seeking a change, or you meet the criteria to consider starting an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic you can apply directly to our careers page and we will respond to you if we have any current or pending vacancies.

We will do an initial screening usually by phone and then arrange for you to attend an interview in one of our dealerships. Interviews will be with the Team Lead / team Manager / Director in your specialist skill set. In our interviews, we will ask you for examples of your experience relative to the role you are applying for. You can refer to previous work experience or if you are new to the workplace, you can consider examples from school, college, tech, clubs or societies. You can think of describing your experiences by outlining a situation, describing what action you took, what challenges you met, what did you do to overcome them, what was the outcome, how did you and others feel.

We prefer to recruit direct and not through third parties.

Current Opportunities:

Ongoing Opportunities